Create and Edit Performance Review Templates

The Performance Review template is the form that users complete for their performance review.

Performance Review Admins create and manage these templates.
  1. Select Employee Tools > Manage Performance Reviews.
  2. Select Manage Review Templates.
  3. Select New Template.and enter a Template Name.
    Note: To edit an existing template, select that template from the list.
  4. Enter a Template Name, and select Create.
    The Template Name will be used as the title of the performance review form.
  5. In the Employee Group Assigned To This Template section, select the Employee Group that will complete this performance review form.
  6. To add text to the top of the form, select Edit Header Text.
    The Note for This Form window opens. Enter text in this window, and select Save.
  7. To add a section to your form, select Add New Item Group.
    You will use these item group sections to group performance review questions.
    1. In the Item Group field, enter the name of the question section. For example, Communication.
    2. In the percentage field (%), enter the percentage that questions in this group will count toward the overall total (the overall total must equal 100%).
    3. To add this section to the review, select Add New Item Group.
  8. When you first create an item group, it displays as rolled up. Select an item group name to expand that section.
  9. To add a question to a section, select Add Item.
  10. Use the Item Number field to number your questions (optional).
  11. In Item Prompt, enter the specific review question.
    If you have additional notes for this question, select Edit Long Prompt to add that text.
  12. Use the Response Type drop-down and the Advanced Options button to choose the answer format for a question. In order for your question to count toward the performance review score, you must select one of the following:
    • A response type that allows for a lookup with a numeric Database Value (cannot exceed 5) created in Manage Lookups. These include: Dropdown and Radio Button. After you select one of these response types, select Advanced Options to choose a lookup.
      Note: The maximum Database Value that can be used for scoring is 5.
    • The Rating response type. This response type allows users to select one to five stars as a way to rate their performance in relation to a question.
      Note: You can select other Response Types, but they will not count toward the total performance review score. See Response Type Options for Templates for more details.
  13. When you have finished modifying your form, select Back to Manage Performance Review Templates to create or review another template.