View or Edit Performance Reviewers

Performance Review Admins can use the Performance Review Dashboard to add or remove reviewers for a specific instance of an employee's review.

Users assigned to a specific performance review will see only that instance of the employee's review. Users assigned as default performance reviewers for an employee on the User Access > Performance page will continue to see all performance reviews for the employee.
  1. Select Employee Tools > Manage Performance Reviews.
  2. In the list of employees that displays, locate or search for the employee whose reviewers you want to change. To filter the list, you can:
    • Use the dropdowns at the top of the dashboard to filter by a date range, template, or review status.
    • Use the Search box to search for an employee by name or number.
  3. The dashboard refreshes to show employees who match selected filters or search. Select a line in the grid to expand that line and find a list of that employee's reviews.
  4. Find the applicable review in the list, and select the Action button to the right of that line.
  5. From the Action button dropdown, select View/Edit Reviewers.
    A Performance Reviewers pop-up window opens, showing the users currently assigned as this employee's performance reviewers.
  6. To add reviewers for this review, select a user name from the Add New Reviewer dropdown, and then select Add.
  7. To remove a reviewer for this review, select the trash can icon to the right of that reviewer's line.