Approve Personal Info or Document Updates

Personal Info Admins can review and approve personal information changes for employees assigned to them. Document Admins can review and approve attachments submitted for employees assigned to them.

Review these requests on the Manage Personal Information Requests page. To assign a Personal Info Admin or a Document Admin, see Assign Admin Roles.
  1. Select Approval > Personal Info.
    The Manage Personal Information Requests page opens. By default, this page shows items pending approval.
  2. Use the Request Status dropdown to filter by All, Pending Approval, or Addressed.
    • If you filter by All or Pending Approval, the grid shows the same fields, including Filter by Employee, Request Status, Starting Date, and Ending Date. See the steps that follow for instructions on these fields.
    • If you filter by Addressed, the grid changes to show details of the request, including Status, Approver, Field Changed, and other information. You can sort this grid by column header or select the More button next to any column header to show or hide columns.
  3. Optionally, use Filter by Employee to view changes requested by a specific employee.
  4. Optionally, you can enter a Starting Date and Ending Date to view changes by date range.
  5. If you want to email the employee who requested the change, select the blue envelope next to that employee's name in the grid.
  6. Requests that show green and red boxes indicate a text-only change. You can review these changes on the grid:
    1. Review the New Value field, which shows the text changes that were requested.
    2. To approve, select the green box with the white check mark. To reject, select the red box.
    3. The user receives an email summarizing the approval or rejection.
  7. Requests that show a Review button, indicate that the change includes an attachment.
    After you select Review, a pop-up window opens, allowing you to review the attachments and enter notes, a file description, and the location where you want to save the attachment. This pop-up window varies slightly depending on the type of request. Generally, you can select a location where you want to save the attachment, and enter notes or a file description:
    1. In the Attachment Location field, select the Vista location where the attachment should be saved: HR Resources or PR Employee.
      Note: The default attachment location is set via the portal setting Default Personal Info Attachment Save Location (HR Resource or PR Employee) available under Admin > Portal Settings > Personal Information > General Configuration.
    2. Optionally, add a File Description or any Notes.
    3. For a general document submission, the Attachment Update pop-up window includes buttons that allow you to approve or reject individual attachments by selecting the boxes under the Approved or Rejected columns.
    4. For an update to a personal info field, you can select the Attachment Type from a dropdown list, which allows you to categorize attachments in Vista.
  8. Select Confirm.
    The user receives an email summarizing the approval or rejection.