Add Reports to My Report Library

Allow users to see and run reports from the reports module, and choose or modify report parameters.

In order to add reports to the Report Library, you must be a Bulletin Admin and you must have created report categories. See Create Report Categories for details.
  1. Select Employee Tools > Manage Reports.
  2. Select Add New.
  3. Enter the Report Name.
    This is the name that displays in the Report Library.
  4. Select the Core Report to pull from your report server.
    You will be able to modify report parameters but not the actual report.
  5. Assign a Report Category.
    The Report Category determines which users can view the report in the Report Library.
  6. Select Save Changes.
    The report is now available from the Manage Reports page.
  7. To modify a report, select the Edit button for that report on the Manage Reports page.
    1. To allow users to modify the parameters of a report themselves, select the Show Parameters Pane checkbox.
    2. The available parameters and names are defined in the SSRS report and cannot be changed in the portal. However, you can modify system defaults with the following options:
      • User's Employee: Employee number of the logged-in user.
      • User's Auth Token: The unique login key for the current user's session. This can be used to pass the logged-in user's credentials to a report.
      • User's PRCO: Logged-in user's PR company number.
      • Fixed Value: Allows for hard-coded default. If you have chosen a fixed value, you can enter a default value. You cannot enter a default value for any other system default.
    3. To preview report changes, select the Preview button. Ensure that your report changes are working as expected.
      Note: If your report does not display, the user assigned as the Report Viewer in your portal settings (see Link your Report Server to your Portal) does not have permission to the folder on your report server.
    4. To remove a report from the Report Library for all assigned users, select Delete Report Instance.
All changes made to your report are saved automatically and are available to users assigned to the Report Category.