Configure Support Requests

To configure the Support Requests module, the System Admin must enable the module and then set up departments.

  1. Select Admin > Portal Settings > Show Advanced Settings > Support Requests > General Configuration, and select the checkbox for Enable Support Requests.
    Note: Enabling this setting gives all users access to Support Requests (Employee Tools > Self-Service > Support Requests).
  2. Refresh your web page.
  3. To set up support departments, select Employee Tools > Self-Service Admin > Support Requests.
  4. Select Manage Support Departments.
    1. In the Manage Departments pop-up window, enter the name of the Department (the title of the group that employees can make requests of).
    2. Assign the Employee Groups that will be reviewing and updating statuses for the requests submitted to that department.
    3. Select Add. See Create Employee Groups of more information.
    4. Users can make requests of all Active departments. To prevent users from submitting requests for a department, deselect the Active checkbox for that department.
Users assigned to a department are notified via email when a new request has been submitted and will be able to review, change the status, and notify the person who made the request from the Support Requests page.