Review Support Requests

Use the Support Requests page to review requests submitted to your department.

Users assigned to the department receive an email notification approximately 15 minutes after an employee submits the request. The System Admin determines which user groups are assigned to a department. See Configure Support Requests for details.
  1. Select the link from the support request email, or select Employee Tools > Self-Service Admin > Support Requests.
  2. Select the department you would like to review.
    You will only see requests for the departments that you are assigned to. The System Admin assigns users to departments.
  3. Use the Status dropdown field to filter by All, Pending, On Hold, or Resolved requests (default is Pending).
    The grid refreshes based on your selections.
  4. To manage a request, select that item in the grid. The following fields display on the Request Details page.
    Request Type The department assigned to this request; this selection can be modified as needed.
    Assigned To Blank by default; can be assigned to any user assigned to the department. Assigned users receive an email when a request is assigned to them.
    Submitted By The user who made the request; can be modified by users assigned to the department. The date of the request displays to the right of this employee's name.
    Urgent Shows whether the request was urgent or not urgent. This field can be modified by users assigned to the department.
    Current Status Submitted requests are automatically set with a status of Pending. Status can be changed to On Hold or Resolved.
    Request Description Shows request details that were entered by the employee making the request. If attachments were included in the request, you can download them from this section.
    Requester Assets The assets assigned to the user who made the requests. This information pulls from HR Company Assets in Vista.
  5. Use the Response section to add notes to the request.
    Notes are visible to all users assigned to the department. To notify the person who submitted the request that notes were added, select the checkbox for Notify Requester with these notes before selecting Submit Note. This sends an email to the employee, telling them that notes were added and providing a link to the request.