Configure Vista Settings for Time Off

The Time Off module allows users to see their accrued leave balances from Vista.

The leave codes available to users are based on PR Leave Codes set up in Vista. Before you use the Time Off module, review your leave code setup in Vista:
  • In PR Employees, check that all employees, or those who will be using the Time Off module, have leave codes assigned and have accrued time to them.
    Note: In the Time Off module, users will see only those leave codes assigned to them in Vista.
  • For each PR leave code:
    • Confirm that Accrual/Usage Info is entered for earn code and rate.
    • Verify that the accrual limit and balance limit are set up correctly (Info tab).
Note: If you want to prevent leave codes that are assigned to a user in Vista from being available in the Time Off module, you can use the following portal settings: Extended Leave Code Configuration and/or Exclude Leave Codes with the following frequency code. See Configure Time Off for details.