Time Balance History Breakdown

Review your leave code balance history on the Manage My Time Off page.

Time Balance History

To view leave code balance history in HR Management:

  1. Select Employee Tools > Time Off. The top of the Manage My Time Off page shows current leave code balances for the logged in user as of today's date.

    Note: Projected hours display for a leave code only if enabled in portal settings.

  2. To review leave code balance history, including annual allotment, starting balances, and accrued hours, select the Clock icon for a leave code line in the grid. A pop-up window similar to the following displays. The window title changes based on the selected leave code.

Leave code balance history shown in the Time Off module is pulled from the following two places in Vista: PR Employee Leave and the PR Employee Leave History Detail Report.

PR Employee Leave

The Annual Allotment and Current Available values can be found in Vista under Payroll > Programs > PR Employee Leave. Select the appropriate Employee and Leave Code from the grid, and navigate to the Info tab.

  • The Annual Allotment as it shows in the portal is the Fixed Accrual amount * the Accrual Rate. Here, the accrual rate is in years, so: 40.00 * 1 = 40.00. If the rate had been weeks, this value would have been 40.00 * 52 since there are 52 weeks in a year.

  • If you are using Rate of Earnings instead of fixed accrual it will use the employee's Standard Workday Hours *Rate of Accrual* Days in a Year.

PR Employee Leave History Detail Report

The YTD Accrued and YTD Used values are found in the PR Employee Leave History Detail Report in Vista.

When launching the report, ensure you enter the appropriate Employee, Leave Code, and Beginning Actual Date. The Beginning Actual Date is the Starting Balance as of date from the Time Balance History in Time Off. It is also the last date that value has been reset. Leave the Ending Actual Date blank to ensure you are getting the most current report.
Note: If Leave Code is blank, all leave codes populate in the report. Ensure you are looking at the correct leave code when comparing values in the portal with values from the report.

Within the report, the Accrued and Taken values correspond to the YTD Accrued and YTD Taken values within the portal. All of these values depend on the Beginning Actual Date (Vista) / Starting Balance as of (portal).