Time Off Reason Code Setup

Set up reason codes for time off requests.

Important: Before adding this option, please make sure you are complying with all HR laws in your area.
  1. In Vista, select Viewpoint Administration > Programs > VA Custom Field Combo Boxes.
  2. Create a new combo box on the Grid tab.
  3. Select the Items tab, and add your list of reason codes.

  4. Create a UD field on the HR Resource Schedule (Human Resources > Programs > HR Resource Schedule). In Control to use, choose the combo box for reason codes.
  5. In HR Management, select Admin > Portal Settings > Show Advanced Settings > Advanced Configuration.
  6. In UD Combo Box for Leave Reason, enter the name of the combo box for reason codes.
  7. In UD Field Name for Leave Reason, enter the UD field added to the HR Resource Schedule in Vista.
  8. Select Admin > Portal Settings > Portal Info.
  9. Select Refresh Synonyms.
  10. Log out of the portal and log back in to see the changes.

    After you add the reason code option, users will see a Reason dropdown on the Time Off page and will be required to select a reason code before submitting time off requests.