Vacation Cash Out

To allow your employees to cash out their unused vacation hours, enable the Vacation Cash Out function on the Time Off page.

Only Time Off Admins can cancel or delete cash out requests.
  1. In Vista, select Human Resources > Programs > HR Codes.
  2. Set up a schedule code for Vacation Cash Out. Ensure it is Code Type C (Schedule), and set the code to 99.
    Important: The code must be set to 99 to enable cash out functionality. It does not need a leave code.
  3. In HR Management, select Admin > Portal Settings > Show Advanced Settings > Advanced Configuration.
  4. In Schedule Code for cash out requests, enter the schedule code that you just created.
  5. Select the checkbox for Enable Vacation Cash Out functionality.
  6. Select Admin > Portal Settings > Time-Off > General Configuration.
  7. Select Edit for Extended Leave Code configuration.
  8. Select the Cash Out Enabled checkbox for code 99.