What is the Limit for my Projected Accruals?

The time off tool allows employees to project their vacation hours based on a selected date. The rate of accrual is pulled from PR Leave Code setup in Vista and Employee Leave overrides.

There are two caps on the projection limit: Maximum Limit and Maximum Accrual.

Maximum Limit

The maximum limit an employee can have at any time is determined by the Available Balance field on PR Leave Codes. This limit can be overridden per employee based on the Employee Override Limit on PR Employee Leave.

In the example above, the Time Off caps projection accruals at 120.

If the Employee Override field is blank, Time Off will cap at the Available Balance Limit field of PR Employee Leave. This would be reflected as 150 hours instead of 120 hours.

Available Accrual Limit

Time Off caps projections based on the yearly accrual limit. This limit is configured on PR Leave Codes with a frequency of Y (years). The max accrual limit can be overridden by employee on the PR Employee Leave form.
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