Review and Project Leave Code Balances

Use the Time Off page to review or project leave code balances.

To view or project another employee's leave code balances, you must have permission to enter time on that employee's behalf (Managers, Time Off Admin).
  1. Select Employee Tools > Time Off.
    The Manage My Time Off page opens showing current leave code balances for the logged in user as of today's date.
  2. If you have permission to enter time for another employee, you can select a different name from the Employee drop-down.
  3. To project leave code balances for a future date, in the Project Hours As Of field, click the Calendar icon, and select a date.
  4. Review the Projected Hours Available column in the grid.
  5. To review leave code balance history, including annual allotment, starting balances, and accrued hours, click the Clock icon for that leave code line in the grid.