Review Time Off Requests

Use the Time Off Dashboard to review and approve time off requests.

Leave codes configured to go through the approval process have Require Manager Approval selected in the portal setting Extended Leave Code Configuration located under Admin > Portal Settings > Time-Off > General Configuration
  1. Select Approval > Time Off Dashboard.

    By default, this page shows only items that require review. To view a calendar grid of all requests (approved, rejected, and pending as well as assigned holidays) select the Show Calendar button.

    Note: You may need to modify the Request Date filter at the top of the page if the request falls outside of the default dates shown.
  2. In the grid area, select Review to see the full details for a request.

    Details include notes from the person making the request, available hours, request date, and others assigned to approve the request.

  3. Choose how to handle the request:
    • Select Approve to approve requested time off.

    • Select Reject to reject the requested time off.

    • If the employee will no longer be taking the requested time off, select Cancel. Employees can cancel their own time off requests up to the Requested Date.

    The Time Off Dashboard and Manage My Time Off page (Request History section) update to show the new Status as Approved, Requested, or Canceled, as appropriate. For approved and rejected requests, an automated email is sent to the employee who requested the time off and the approver.

  4. Optionally, use the Reviewer Note field to enter a note to the employee who requested the time off.

    This note is included in the emails sent for approved and rejected time off requests.

Approved requests do not update timecards in the portal or in Vista. The proper earn codes must be applied to the timecard (either in Vista or the portal) in order to update the leave code in Vista.