What is the Timecard Audit Report?

The Timecard Audit Report is a PDF report that the Timecard Admin can generate from the Timecard Dashboard by selecting Batch Action for an open batch or Export for a closed batch.

The report allows the Admin to see a breakdown of the time in that batch.

The report is broken down into the following:

Note: The sections that appear in your report are based on what is in your batch.
Submitted Timecard lines that do not match any processed lines Timecard lines that were submitted and were changed after the timecard was submitted. These are the original lines that may have been changed in Job Approval or in Vista from the PR Timecard Entry batch.
Processed timecard lines that do not match any submitted lines These are lines that were not submitted through the portal but are in the batch. These lines may have been entered through the portal or PR Timecard Entry in Vista. These lines may also have been originally submitted but were modified in Job Approval or in the PR Timecard Entry batch in Vista.
Submitted timecard lines that were approved by the submitter (self-approved) These lines were approved by the same user who entered them.
Submitted timecard lines that were not approved These timecard lines were submitted from the portal, but were not approved (either by the Manager or Job Approver).
Employees that have timecard lines that have not been submitted and are in an open batch This section of the report shows the Employee names of those whose time has been entered (either through the Portal or PR Timecard Entry Batch) but have not been submitted.

This report is an SSRS report and can be modified with portal setting Timecard Audit Report name override under Admin > Portal Settings > Timecard > Timecard Dashboard.