Why aren't my my rehires/newly added employees available for Timecard Entry?

If you recently rehired or onboarded a new employee and are not seeing them in the Employee drop-down on timecard entry, and you use the Approval Permissions page to assign entry permission, you may need to refresh the employee group.

The Approval Permissions Fields page uses Employee Groups to assign permissions. Create Employee Groups naturally refresh once every 24 hours, in the early hours of the morning. If you have recently added an employee to an Employee Group, or use dynamic groups created by SQL code and the employee was just added to Vista, you may want to refresh the group manually to allow time to be entered for them immediately. You can do this by navigating to Admin > Employee Groups in the portal and selecting the yellow Refresh All Groups button. If you only want or need to refresh an individual group, you can also locate the group and click the blue Edit Group button, then click the yellow View Membership button.

Other Common Causes

If the employee is a rehire, double check that they are listed as an Active employee in Vista's PR Employees form. You can do this by navigating to Vista > Payroll > Programs > PR Employees, locate the particular employee, navigate to the Add'l Info tab, and make sure the Active checkbox is checked. If the employee is not active, a red "Inactive Employee" message will appear on the header of the window, and they will not appear in the portal's timecard entry drop-down.

If you use Timesheet Reviewer Groups in Vista to assign timecard entry permissions, please confirm that the reviewer is fully set up in Vista, and the new employee/rehire has an assigned Timesheet Reviewer Group on their PR Employees record, Add'l Info tab. See this article for information on how to Set Up a Reviewer in Vista.