Open a Batch

Timecard Admins have the ability to manually open timecard batches from the Timecard Dashboard.

These are batches in PR Timecard Entry in Vista that are available in the portal. Users will only be able to enter time for pay periods that have been opened from the portal.

If you would like to have this done automatically see Timecard Initial Setup for configuration details.

  1. Go to PR Pay Period Control in Vista to confirm that (1) the pay period you would like to open in the portal is “Open” in Vista and (2) the Pay Period has hours entered in the “Standard Hours” field. If no hours are entered in the Standard Hours field the portal will not show it.
  2. In the portal, select Employee Tools > Timecard Dashboard.
  3. From the Pay Period drop down, scroll to “Active Portal Periods – No Portal Batches” or “Active Pay Period – Closed Batches” and select your pay period for the Company and Payroll Group.
    • If your pay period is found under “Active Portal Batches” then a batch has already been opened. You can only have one batch per pay period open in the portal.
  4. Select Open New Batch, this will bring up a pop-up confirming your action before opening the batch.
    The Timecard Batch in the portal is a PR Timecard Entry Batch in Vista. When users save time in the portal, the portal is adding their timecard lines to the PR Timecard Entry batch.