Standard Timecard User Guide

The Standard Timecard is meant for simple individual entry.

  1. From the Navigation bar at the top of your portal, select Employee Tools > Timecard.
    Note: Field Service users access job timecard entry from the hamburger menu in the Field Service application.
  2. By default the employee name appearing in the Employee dropdown will be your own. If you are authorized to enter time on behalf of other employees, you will see them in this dropdown.
    Note: If your name does not default in the Employee field there isn’t a Pay Period open for your Payroll Group. Contact your Timecard Admin for help.
  3. From the Period Ending dropdown, select the Pay Period for your time entry. The pay periods available are determined by the batches that the Timecard Admin has opened in the portal.
  4. If a Type dropdown displays, you can filter your card between different Line Types (Job, Service, and Mechanic). This limits the fields on your card to only fields assigned to that line type.
  5. To copy time from a previously processed card, select Clone. A pop-up similar to the one below displays. Cloning time replaces any lines entered on your current timecard. Clone time only if you are certain that your timecard does not have any entries that you want to keep. If your timecard for the last pay period was blank and you select the Clone Timecard Button, your timecard will be wiped clean with no line coded to it.
  6. To add new timecard lines, select + Add Timecard Line and enter all applicable fields. Fields that are in red are required fields you must enter before you can save your line. To add your next line select Add Timecard Line and your new line will be added on top of the previous line. Be sure to select the Save button throughout your entry to make sure your changes are saved.
    To sort your card by any of the fields, select the header of that field. You can sort up to two fields at a time.
  7. To remove a line, select the red x at the end of that timecard line.
  8. When you have finished entering your time and are ready to submit your card for approval, select Review & Submit. Review your timecard lines and, if required, sign your card. Once you have submitted your timecard, it is locked and can no longer be edited.
    If your card is rejected or unsubmitted, it will be unlocked and you can modify and re-submit it.
    Note: If they need to process time, Timecard Admins may choose to lock timecards before they have been submitted.
    After your card is processed, it is no longer accessible from the timecard module.

    To view a video on Standard Timecard Entry, see Employee Self Service Standard Timecard - Video.