Configure Job and Phase Entry on Clock In

If you would like users to only clock-in and clock-out and not have to enter lines against that time you can enable users to be able to add Job and Phase when they clock-in.

This feature only works with the Standard Timecard. Portal settings referenced in this article are found in Admin > Portal Settings > Timecard > Time Clock unless otherwise stated. You must be a Timecard Admin to configure this feature.
  1. You must have completed Configure Time Worked, Clock in / Clock Out Configuration, and/or Kiosk Mode Configuration.
  2. To allow users to be able to add Job and Phase you will need to enable portal setting Allow entry of Job and Phase on Clock In. When this is enabled users will have to enter the job and phase before they can clock in.
  3. To help with entry you can enable Remember previous job and phase from previous clock-in (for Job Phase Required Clock-Ins). Users will be able to modify the job and phase, but the fields will default to the job and phase previously selected.
  4. If you have some users who are not entering Job and Phase but need to clock-in and clock-out you can enable Allow blank job/phase value when clocking-in with job enabled. Users will need to select “No Job” and “No Phase” when clocking in.
  5. When users clock in and out with Job and Phase no timecard lines are added to the portal. There are a few different ways you can add these timecard lines:
    • If you would like lines to be automatically added to the standard timecard after a user has clocked out enable Auto Create Timecard Line on Clock-Out (Admin > Portal Settings > Timecard > Show Advanced Settings > Advanced Configuration). These timecard lines will be unsubmitted timecard lines on the user's Standard Timecard.
    • If you would prefer the Timecard Admin to add lines throughout the pay period you can enable portal setting Enable the ability to create submitted Timecard Lines from Time Clock actions and/or Enable the ability to create unsubmitted timecard lines from time clock actions. The timecard Admin will be able to do this by selecting Batch Action > Create Line from Clock-ins from the timecard dashboard. If both settings are enabled the Timecard Admin will be able to select either option (see image below). Lines created are added to each user's Standard Timecard.
    Note: If users to not have a Job Cost Company assigned to their PR Employee in Vista, the portal will enter the Job Cost Company of the selected job when adding the timecard lines from clock-ins.