Manager Approval Configuration

Timecard managers can enter, review, approve, reject and/or unsubmit time for those whom they are assigned.

  1. The Timecard Manager can be assigned in a few locations, all are additive and none cancel out the other assignments. If more than one manager is assigned, both will receive emails letting them know a timecard has been submitted and both can approve; however, if one manager approves they approve for all.
    In the Portal

    Approval Permissions

    (Admin > Approval Permissions)

    Allows you to setup your approver(s) assignments by Employee Groups with permission type “Can Enter and Approve Timecards For”. For more detail see Approval Permissions Fields.

    User Access

    (Admin > User Access)

    Filter the page to User Setup, under the Manager column you can assign any user as the manager. This permission allows you to approve Timecards and Time-off. This option is useful if you want to set-up approvers on a one-to-one basis.
    In Vista

    Timesheet Reviewer Group

    (PR Employees > Additional Info Tab)

    The Timesheet Reviewer Group allows you to assign HQ Reviewer Groups to an employee. For additional detail on this assignment see Set Up a Reviewer in Vista.
  2. Managers can approve time submitted from the Standard Timecard and the Grid timecard. In order for the approver(s) to be able to view the timecard as it was submitted from, they will need access. This is assigned in Admin > User Access > Time Entry.
    The FM Grid Time option applies dynamically to both the HR Grid Time and FM Grid Time. If a user can only enter for themselves (HR Grid Time), they will only be able to approve Grid Time with only one employee submitted.
  3. For settings specific to the Timecard Manager go to Admin > Portal Settings > Timecard > Manager Approval.
    Note: Before enabling or configuring a setting, be sure to review the details and instructions by selecting the setting name.
  4. For email settings specific to the Timecard Manager and Job Approvers go to Admin > Portal Settings > Email Configuration > Timecard Settings.
    • To enable a daily email to Manager or Job Approvers letting them know that there are timecards to approve Enable Approval Reminder emails to managers.
    • If you would like those who are approving (Managers or Job Approvers) to be notified every time a user submits a timecard Enable Active Notification on Submitted Timecards to Approvers. If you have users who are approving large groups of employees from a Grid Timecard you may not want to enable this setting.
    • If you are allowing users to enter time for future pay periods, you may want to enable portal setting Filter out unapproved timecard emails if the “Begin Date” of the Pay Period is in the future so that managers are only notified for current and past pay periods.
    After a card is saved in the portal it is saved in the PR Timecard Entry Batch. The approval process allows Managers to review and edit time before it is processed. After time is processed in Vista it is no longer editable in the portal, therefore approval is only for active pay periods.