Configure in-line Start Stop time on the Grid Timecard

The Grid Timecard can be modified to allow users to manually enter start and stop times on a timecard line.

You will need to be a Timecard Admin to configure.
Note: This feature is not related to any clock-in / clock-out or Time Worked features.
  1. You must have already configured your Grid Timecard see Grid Timecard Settings.
  2. Select Employee Tools > Timecard Admin > Grid Timecard Layouts and filter to the Payroll company and group you would like to configure this for.
    • Move the start time and stop time hours to the values column.
    • For users to enter Break Time, add the Break Time field to values. For the Break Hours field to calculate into the Hours field properly it needs to be between the Start and Stop Time fields.
    • If after the save or initial entry the start/stop times are updated after saving, it will update the auto-calculation. If the break hours are updated it will not update the auto calculation.
    • Select Save Layout.
      Note: If you enter these fields in the row they will not auto populate the hours column.
  3. If your users will be entering time in military time, or will be working overnight hours, you will want to enable portal setting Enable in-line start/stop military time and overnight entry (Admin > Portal Settings > Timecard > General Configuration). The entered start and stop times will not automatically convert to standard time (AM and PM) and will calculate swing shift time (Clock in: 2100, Clock out: 200, hours = 11).
    Note: It is recommended to disable the Timecard Stop Time must be greater than start Time feature in Vista’s PR Company parameters > Info Tab.
  4. To change the text of these fields go to Employee Tools > Timecard Admin > Grid Timecard Settings and select the rename button next to the field and enter the new name.
    Users will be able to enter their stop and start time and have the hours automatically populate in the hours field.