Configure Mechanic Fields on a Grid Timecard

Your Grid Timecard can be configured to allow users to enter time on multiple Line Types (Job, Service, and Mechanic). To do so, you will need to modify your Grid Layout to add the Mechanic fields as well as the Type field.

You must be a Timecard Admin to configure.
  1. If you haven’t completed the configuration steps for the Grid Timecard, see Grid Timecard Settings.
  2. Select Employee Tools > Timecard Admin > Grid Timecard Layouts . Filter to the company and payroll group you want to add the Mechanic card to.
  3. Add the Mechanic Card fields (EMCo, Equipment, and Cost Code) as well as the Type field to the Row Groups of your Grid Layout.
    Note: On grid timecards, Bulk Add for Mechanic and SM Line Types works as is unless you are showing the SM Company (SMCo) field and have the New Line Behavior set to Employee Default. In this case, you will need to modify your SMCo lookup in Vista. See Configure Bulk Add for SM Work Order Lines When SMCo is Showing for details.
  4. The Type field adds a filter to the top of the page that allows users to limit the fields on their Grid to only those related. Select All Types from this dropdown to see all timecard lines and fields but fields not applicable to the line type on that line will appear grayed out and un-editable.
    • If you need to add Work Orders you will need the fields WO, and WO Item.
    • If users need to include Component, you will need Component and Component Type.
  5. When users are entering time on a Mechanic line they are limited to only fields that are assigned to that Line type. To modify (add or remove) fields from this Line type select the Advanced button on the Grid Timecard Settings page (Employee Tools > Timecard Admin > Grid Timecard Settings) and modify the Line Types dropdown for that field. If you want the Equipment field to default based on the selected work order, enable Auto Select under Equipment field advanced settings.
    Note: If you can’t enter a field on this line type in Vista, do not enable it for your line type or users will not be able to save time.
  6. To choose the default Line Type for the filter at the top of the Grid Timecard page modify the Default Line Type setting on the Grid Timecard Settings page. If you would like Mechanic lines to be your default, changes this to Mechanic.
    After you have configured your timecard you will need to test the new layout in the company and payroll group you have configured it for.