Grid Timecard Templates

Use the Manage Grid Timecard Templates page to determine the options available for the fields in the Column Groups section of a grid layout.

Before you set up a grid template, you will need to configure the Column Groups section of the associated grid layout. See Grid Timecard Layouts for details.
Important: If you attempt to load a grid timecard using a blank grid template, that timecard will not load.
  1. Select Employee Tools > Grid Timecard Templates.
  2. In the Layouts dropdown field, select a grid layout. This should be the layout with the Column Group fields that need to be defined. For help setting up grid layouts, see Grid Timecard Layouts.
  3. In the Templates dropdown field, select Create New Template.
    The New Template Name field displays.
  4. Enter a name for this template, considering the following:
    • Users will be able to submit time for approval per template. If your pay period is weekly and you want to create a timecard for the whole week, you can name your template Weekly.

    • The Template field on the grid timecard lists options in alphanumeric order. If you want users to submit time daily, you can name your first template 01-Monday or something similar, and enter only one pay period day per template.

  5. To make this template available to users who have permission to the Grid Timecard, select the Active checkbox.
  6. The Shared Template option allows Field Management users with FM Grid Time access to see each other's entries on the same template if they have permission to enter time for the other user. (By default, users with access to the same grid timecard template will see only the information that they have entered, not what other users have entered, unless you create a shared template).
    • Users may be given permission to enter time for other users either by Approval Permissions (Manager or Job) or if assigned the Can Enter Timecard(s) For permission on the Approval Permissions page.

    • The Shared Template option may be enabled for new grid templates only, not existing ones. See Shared Templates for more details.

    Important: In order to access shared grid templates, users must be assigned the FM Grid Time permission on the User Access page (Module Bundle > Crew Timecard > FM Grid Time checkbox). See Assign Users Access to Modules for details.
  7. Select Save New Template.
    The list of Column Group fields available in the selected layout displays.
  8. To choose the values for a Column Group field:
    1. Select that field name. For example, PostDate. This expands that field's section on the Manage Grid Timecard Templates page.
    2. In the expanded field section, select the option(s) to make available for that field, and then select Add To Timecard.

      You can repeat this step for any fields that allow you to select multiple options. For example, for a weekly grid timcard, you might add Pay Period Day #1, Pay Period Day #2, and so on to your template. However, if you are creating a daily grid timecard, you might add only Pay Period Day #1.

      Only the values that you select will be available on the grid timecard.

      Important: If you enable the Editable Data checkbox (not a common setup), users with access to the Grid Timecard will be able to modify the column group values in their timecard. This will create an individual template. Other users who have access to the global template will not see the changes made in the individual template.
After you configure grid templates, assign grid layouts by PR company and PR group. See Grid Timecard Settings for details.