Shared Templates

Shared grid templates allow users to see and modify timecard lines entered by another user on the Grid Template based on permissions.

This article discusses shared grid templates only. For full details on configuring grid timecards, see Grid Timecard Settings.

Important: Shared grid templates are available to licensed Field Management users only. In order to access shared grid templates, users must be assigned the FM Grid Time permission on the User Access page (Module Bundle > Crew Timecard > FM Grid Time checkbox). See the Field Management Modules section of the About Module Bundles and Licensing Help page for details.
Note: When using shared timecard templates, we recommend requiring signatures for users so that the whole template cannot be submitted at once. By requiring signatures (Grid Timecard Settings), the timecard template has to be submitted one employee at a time.

By default, Grid Timecard lines are restricted to the Grid Timecard they are entered on, meaning you can only see those lines if you entered them or can approve for the employees entered on the Grid Timecard. Timecard managers can access the timecard lines by selecting the View button for that timecard summary line on the Timecard Approval page (Approval > Timecard Approval).

If the Grid Template is shared, users will be able to see and modify timecard lines entered by another user on the Grid Template as long as they have permission to enter or approve for those employees.

Shared templates are configured on the Grid Timecard Templates page and apply to new templates only. If you have already created templates and you want to switch to a shared template, deselect the Active checkbox for the old templates, and create new shared templates.

The Submit All option on shared grid timecard templates is restricted to employees managed by the signed in user.

Note: Switch to Shared Templates only if users do not have time entered on the old templates. Users will not be able to see time entered on the old template in the new shared template.