Configure Mechanic Fields on a Standard Timecard

Your Standard Timecard can be configured to enter multiple line types (Job, Mechanic, and Service). To add a line type to your card you just need to add those fields to your timecard.

You must be a Timecard Admin to complete these configuration steps. See Standard Timecard Configuration prior to configuring mechanic fields on a standard timecard.
  1. Go to Employee Tools > Timecard Admin > Timecard Settings and filter to the PR Company and PR Group to enter your mechanic timecard lines on.
  2. In order for users to be able to enter Mechanic time you must add Mechanic fields to your timecard: EMCo, Equipment, Cost Code.
  3. When users are entering time on a Mechanic lines they are limited to only fields that are assigned to the Mechanic Line type. To modify (add or remove) fields from this Line time select the Advanced button on the Timecard Settings page and modify the Line Types dropdown for that field.
    Note: If you can’t enter a field on this line type in Vista, do not enable it for your line type in the portal or users will not be able to save time.
  4. If your user has more than one Line Type (Job or SM) also configured on their card, they will need to use the filter at the top of the page to access that timecard type. The default Line Type is determines by the Default Line Type On Load. If you would like Mechanic lines to be your default, changes this to Mechanic.
After you have configured your card, test the behavior in the standard timecard for the payroll company and group you have configured.