Create an Equipment Cost Type Lookup

Create a user-defined lookup in Vista to limit the available Cost Types to only those with the JB Cost Type Category assignment of Equipment.

In Vista, open the UD User Defined Lookups form and copy the existing JCCT lookup. Modify the new lookup as shown below:

  • From
    • JCCT with (nolock)
  • Where
    • JCCO.JCCo = ? and JBCostTypeCategory = "E"
  • Join
    • INNER JOIN HQCO ON JCCT.PhaseGroup = HQCO.PhaseGroup


    Configure the lookup in Vista by following the steps below:

    1. Open PR Timecard Entry and click the Field properties on CostType(CT).
    2. Click the Lookups tab in the field properties window and add the custom lookup created above.
    3. Enter in the parameters as shown in the screenshot below.
    4. Change the load Sequence to 0 and ensure that it is the only 0.