Create an SM Company Lookup

Create a user-defined SM company lookup in Vista.

Note: In grid timecards, if you are showing the SM Company (SMCo) field and have the New Line Behavior set to Employee Default, you will need to modify your SMCo lookup in Vista. You have two options for doing this.

If you are not showing SMCo on the grid timecard, Bulk Add for Mechanic and SM Work Order line types does not use the SMCo or udSMCo lookups in Vista. You do not need to modify these lookups in order for Bulk Add to work.

Open the UD User Defined Lookups form in Vista, and create a lookup with the clauses shown below:

  • From
    • SMCO with (nolock)
  • Join

    Configure the lookup in Vista by following the steps below:

    1. Open PR Timecard Entry and select the Field properties on SMCo.
    2. Select the Lookups tab in the field properties window and add the custom lookup created above.
    3. Change the load Sequence to 0 and ensure that it is the only 0.