Create an SM Cost Type Lookup by Category

If you have more than one SM Cost Type applied to the category Labor, you may want to create a user defined lookup in Vista to limit the available Cost Types to only those with the Labor category.

The following are the basic instructions on how to create this lookup.
Note: If you only have one Cost Type assigned to Labor, you can remove the SM Cost Type field and enter the only cost type that will be used into the portal setting Default SM Cost Type if not shown.
  1. In Vista, navigate to User Database > Programs > UD User Defined Lookups and select New Record.
  2. Rename the lookup, such as udSMCostType.
  3. If you already have a lookup with this name you may want to give it a slightly different name or create a new one.
  4. On the Info Tab:
    • Title: Cost Type (or however best you would like to define)
    • From Clause: SMCostType
    • Where Clause:
      • SMCO = ? AND
      • SMCostTypeCategory = ‘L’
  5. On the Details Tab Enter the following:
  6. Apply your SM Cost Type to PR Timecard Entry Form
    • Select Payroll > Programs > PR Timecard Entry.
    • Create a new batch.
      Note: You can go into an existing batch, but it may be better to make these changes and do your testing in a new batch so not to disrupt any existing batches.
    • Create an SM Line, select the SM Cost Type field, select Field Properties and open the Lookups tab.
    • Add your new lookup to the form as Load Sequence = 0, parameters = 51.
      • For your lookup to work in the portal it must be set to load sequence 0.
      • If you do not want the new lookup to apply in Vista, but still apply in your portal you can un-check “Active”.
  7. In your portal, select Admin > Portal Settings, under Administrative Actions select Refresh Synonyms.