Configure Career Path

The career path feature allows users to view jobs they might be able to progress to and the skills and training that those jobs require. You must have the HR module in Vista in order to use this feature.

In Vista, review the HR Position Codes (Human Resources > Programs > HR Position Codes).
  • If you have not yet set up HR Position Codes in Vista, set them up now. Assign the appropriate Training and Skills to each position code, and assign the appropriate position codes to employees.
  • Only users whose current positions are included in a career path will have the Career Path option available to them in HR Management (Employee Tools > Career Path). If you want to configure only certain position codes for a career path, you can configure just those codes in Vista.
You must be a System Admin and be able to log in as the Training Class Admin in order to complete the following setup.
  1. As the System Admin, select Admin > Admin Roles, and assign the Training Class Admin role to applicable users. See Assign Admin Roles for details.
    The Training Class Admin is the only user who can view the Manage Career Paths page where career paths are created and maintained.
    • The PR company selected on the Admin Roles page determines which position codes the Training Class Admin can see on the Manage Career Paths page.
    • Training Class Admins can also access the Training Class Dashboard. See Configure Training Classes for details.
  2. Select Admin > Portal Settings > Training > General Configuration.
  3. In HR Companies to include for Training Module, enter the HR companies to apply training functions to in the system.
    Separate multiple HR companies with a comma and no spaces (for example, 1,2,3).
  4. As the Training Class Admin, select Employee Tools > Manage Career Paths.
    1. Select the HR company associated with this career path.
    2. Select +Add New Career Path.
    3. Enter the name for the Career Path (defines a set of positions), and select Add.
    4. To add position codes, select the Add Position button.
    5. Add positions in the order of their promotion sequence, with the lowest sequence number being the lower position and the higher number being the higher position.
      Note: If a position could lead to multiple career paths, add that position to those relevant career paths. Users can filter by career path on the Career Path page (Employee Tools > Career Path).