Issues Fixed in HR Management for Vista 2021 R1

The following issues were fixed in the HR Management for Vista R1 release.

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Issues Fixed Issue #
Employee Groups were showing inactive employees. 100350
Note: Resolved in an update after release 20.12+.
First-time users were not required to change their password following a password reset by an admin. 100718
Inactive employees were included in employee groups even if Filter Out Inactive Employees was selected. 100742
Removed Legacy FM Mobile column from HR Management tab of Export License Report. 100328


Issues Fixed Issue #
Added better handling for percentage-based benefit codes when allocations are higher than 100%.
Enrollment reminder email not being generated or excluding recipients. 100302
Beneficiaries on pending benefit requests being listed as Associated Dependents. 100680

Document Library

Issues Fixed Issue #
Downloading document template tasks individually. 100711


Issue Fixed Issue #
Improved error handling in Expense Posting.
Posted SM work order expenses tied to jobs having no SM phase in Vista. 100127

Onboarding / Applicant Tracking

Issues Fixed Issue #
Form W-4 has been updated to the 2021 version.
Text entered in the portal setting Custom Text when Finalizing and Submitting now displays when candidates submit an application for a job requisition (Admin > Portal Settings > Onboarding / ATS > General Configuration). Previously, the custom text displayed only after new hires completed all onboarding tasks. 100703
Incomplete Apply URL was displaying in JobTarget for job requisitions pushed from HR Management. 100282
View in JobTarget button was not displaying on the Job Requisitions Detail page for job requisitions pushed to JobTarget. 100288
Custom Signature / Acknowledgment Block Text was not displaying for new hires. 100241
Fixed issue entering a Canadian postal code in Personal Information section when the Country Code was set to U.S. in the employee portal. If users select Canada as the country, they can enter a Canadian postal code. 100240
Forms I-9, W-4, and the Voluntary Self-Identification form were not attaching to HR Resources for new hires.
Note: File names for the PDF versions of the I-9, W-4, and Voluntary Self-Identification forms now include the employee's name (for example, EmployeeNameI9.PDF).

Performance Reviews

Issue Fixed Issue #
Performance review emails were being sent to multiple managers. 100677

Personal Info

Issue Fixed Issue #
Users could not submit payroll withholding updates when Regular Exempt's field was blank in HR Resources in Vista. 100722

Paystub Tools

Issue Fixed Issue #
Automatic paystub notification emails were not sent as scheduled when using the message type: SMS, but Email if no SMS or Opted-Out. 100317


Issue Fixed Issue #
Improved mobile experience for timecard review in Standard Timecards.
Overhead Lines on the Standard Timecard werer assigning the incorrect Tax State and Local Code from Vista.
Scroll bars were not displaying for Grid Timecards when users accessed the portal from a mobile browser set to Desktop Site mode. 99412
Job data security issue in kiosk mode. 100298
Type field was not displaying on Grid Timecards if the advanced portal setting Grid Timecard: Disable Auto-Selection of Pay Period and Template was enabled (Admin > Portal Settings > Show Advanced Settings > Timecard > Grid Timecard). 99876
Job Time Approval Grid was not refreshing after all lines on a job were finalized and a different job was selected. 100142
Using overnight shifts for inline start and stop fields in the portal caused the following error in Vista: Break hours must not exceed the start stop time interval. 99920
Error message: Time Worked Does Not Match up With Time Allocated in the Timecard was generated even when a user's time worked matched the timecard. 100670
Unsubmit All on Grid Timecard not unsubmitting. 100660
Entering inline start stop times resulting in negative calculated hours in the Grid Timecard when configured for overnight entry using military time. 99976
The first day of the pay period not updating when saved under the Time Worked section
The portal setting Require Employee Password when Clocking In / Out from Field Tools > Kiosk Clock-in Mode is now an advanced setting available under Admin > Portal Settings > Show Advanced Settings > Timecard > Time Clock.