Issues Fixed in HR Management for Vista 2021 R11

The following issues were fixed in the HR Management for Vista R11 release.

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Issues FixedIssue #
If a user clicked Request multiple times when requesting a benefit enrollment window, the request showed multiple times on the Benefits Dashboard.
Note: The Request button is now deactivated after a user clicks it to submit a benefit request.
Note: Resolved in an update after release 21.10+.


Issues FixedIssue #
For users who had set up a custom GL Account Override Lookup for expenses, the GL Account drop-down was not showing any accounts. 106027
Note: Resolved in an update after release 21.10+.

Onboarding / Applicant Tracking

Issues FixedIssue #
On the Job Requisitions page, the Go to JobTarget button was displaying for Onboarding/ATS Admins but not for Recruiting Managers.104848
When downloading the default template for custom tasks, the HRIM_Checklist.rdl file was downloaded instead of HRM_Onboarding.rdl.

Performance Reviews

Issues FixedIssue #
After selecting Complete Manager Review from the Manager tab under Employee Tools > Performance, users were redirected to the My Performance tab. 106059
Note: Resolved in an update after release 21.10+.
The performance review reminder email was being sent to employees when employee self-reviews were disabled.105975
The Complete Manager Review button was missing for reviews in progress following the update to version 21.9 or higher. 105955

Personal Information

Issues FixedIssue #
Dates that employees entered when updating Personal Information were not retained in Personal Info Approval. 106062
Note: Resolved in an update after release 21.10+.


Issues FixedIssue #
The Expense Earn Code amount entered in the Grid Timecard was being copied into the PR Employee’s default equipment usage in Vista PR Timecard Entry.105739
Standard Timecard Earn Code was switched to Expense Amount after the timecard is submitted. This occurred for regular Earn Codes that shared part of another Earn Code number set in Earn Codes to accept Amount Based Entry for Expense Input. 106020
Edits to Timecard line start, break, or stop hours did not recalculate the total hours field. 105969
The following error message occurred when clocking out multiple employees on the grid timecard with copied timecard lines: Must reference an open Payroll Batch - cannot insert PR Timecard Batch Cannot use the ROLLBACK statement with an INSERT-EXEC statement. 106198
Edits to start or stop times made on the Time Clock Dashboard were changing the employee's work date in Vista PR Employee Daily Time to the date that the edits were made.