What's New in 2021 R2

What's New lists the enhancements and changes made in the 21.02 release. This release is available as of 2/10/2021. Android users can download the mobile app the same day as its release. For iOS users, apps take 24 to 48 hours following the release date to become available in the App Store.

How to Update Modules

Customers hosted in a Viewpoint cloud solution receive the latest update automatically. For customers who update modules manually, see Update the Portal for help.

General Highlights

  • Simplified license tracking and User Access enhancements:

    • Simplified license tracking is now available from the User Access page. In the upper right of the page, you can view a current count of Licensed Users versus Contracted Users by module.

      Important: If the Licensed User count shows in red, you currently have more licensed users than contracted users and may be billed for an overage (you will also see a flag on the Admin > User Access menu). To prevent overage charges, ensure that the number of Licensed Users does not exceed the number of Contracted Users. Billing overages are based on the highest number of excess Licensed Users for a month.
      Note: A warning displays if your license data is not available. This indicates an issue with the link between your Customer ID and Viewpoint's records. If you receive this error for a live or test portal, enter a case in the Viewpoint Customer Portal, and include your Customer ID as shown on the Portal Settings page.
    • You can now export the License Report directly from the User Access page (in addition to the Portal Settings page). Select the More button in the upper right of the page, and then select Export License Report.

    • UI improvements on the User Access page include the following new filtering options and labels:

      • A Filter Type dropdown allows you to filter the page by PR Groups or Employee Groups.

      • A new Filter button consolidates the options to filter by Employee Status or locked-out employees.

      • A Module Bundles dropdown groups selections for better usability.

  • For companies using direct login URLs, resolved issue with submitting support requests.

HR Management Highlights

The following customer suggestions were added in this release. For a list of defect corrections, see the Issues Fixed page.

  • Earnings

    • New portal setting Treat employees who are inactive as opted out added under Admin > Portal Settings > Earnings > Paperless Consent. If enabled, inactive employees are treated as having denied electronic document consent, which allows Timecard Admins to pull and print their records from the Paystub Tools page.

  • Expenses

    • Expense Posting search has been updated. Users can now filter by the minimum-maximum expense amount in the Min and Max fields.

      Note: If the date range is over three months, the Employee section is required. Select Search when all fields are completed for the expenses being processed; the search function no longer starts until the button is selected.
  • Onboarding / Applicant Tracking

    • Removed First Name and Last Name from Onboarding invitation.

    • Labels used for State and Zip Code fields now update based on the selected Country:

      • For USA, field labels are State and Zip.

      • For Canada, field labels are Postal code and Province.

      • For Australia, field labels are Postcode and State/Territory.

    • Added a message on the Applicant Search page to remind users to select the Search button after changing search criteria.

    • On Job Requisition Detail page, relabeled Post to JobTarget button Push to JobTarget.

      Note: Onboarding Admins and Recruiting Managers must have an email address on file in order to push job requisitions to JobTarget.

Financial Controls Highlights

The following customer suggestions were added in this release. For a list of defect corrections, see the Issues Fixed page.

  • Purchase Orders

    • Added new portal setting Allow all PO users to see all Reserved and Requisitions available under Admin > Portal Settings > Purchase Orders > General Configuration. If you enable this setting, all PO users are allowed to see other user's reserved POs and requisitions.

    • Added new portal setting Process PO Quick Create through PO Pending available under Admin > Portal Settings > Purchase Orders > PO Quick Create. If you enable this setting, PO Quick Create headers will be routed through all PO Pending.

Field Management Highlights

The following customer suggestions were added in this release. For a list of defect corrections, see the Issues Fixed page.

  • Mobile App

    • Allow employees to select their craft on the mobile app by enabling the new portal setting: Allow employees to enter time for Crafts other than default available under Admin > Portal Settings > Field Management Mobile > General Configuration. If this setting is not enabled, employees can charge only their default craft.

  • Daily Huddles

    • Added new portal setting Prevent non-admins from being able to delete global Daily Huddles or Daily Huddles that have attendee signatures under Admin > Portal Settings > Daily Huddle > General Configuration. This setting defaults as checked.

    • Daily Huddle Dashboard now preserves selected date range when navigating between dashboard and huddle details.

Vista Field Service

The following customer suggestions were added in this release. For a list of defect corrections, see the Issues Fixed page.

  • Technicians can now complete a trip when a signer is not present using the new No Signer option. They can select or add email recipients for the trip closeout notification. For details, see Close a Trip in Field Service.

  • Allow users to create new work orders, edit header information for existing work orders, create new scopes, and edit scope information with the new portal setting User Group to allow adding and editing of work order header information available under Admin > Portal Settings > Field Service > General Configuration.

  • Service Item Detail now shows service items and associated parts on-site.

  • Text messages are now sent to technicians and the customer when the trip status changes on a work order.