Issues Fixed in HR Management for Vista 2021 R4

The following issues were fixed in the HR Management for Vista R4 release.

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Issues Fixed Issue #
On the User Access page, the Employee Group Filter Type was not listing employees in more than one PR company (Ref. #102958). 102958


Issues Fixed Issue #
Declined benefits were being duplicated on the Benefits Dashboard. 102481

Onboarding / Applicant Tracking

Issues Fixed Issue #
Validation RegEx had an error for custom Onboarding and Applicant Tracking tasks. 102441
Employment Status drop-down field wasnot showing any values when initializing a rehire to Vista. 103157


Issues Fixed Issue #
After entering a number or character into the Item ID field, an infinite spinner occured. 102395
When the approve button was pressed multiple times, multiple expense approval emails were sent. 100915
The Expense Approval page showed the same expense twice for reviewers. 102400

Performance Reviews

Issues Fixed Issue #
Performance reviews were not getting pushed to Vista for employees whose names exceeded the 16-character limit. 102120

Personal Information

Issues Fixed Issue #
The Withholding Update Confirmation report was not listing whether the employee was claiming an exemption. 102717


Issues Fixed Issue #
When portal settings Show Timecard Review Screen Prior to Submission / Approval, under Admin > Portal Settings > Timecard > Manager Approval, and Enable Time Worked Validation, under Admin > Portal Settings > Timecard > Time Clock were enabled, users could still submit timecards that were not balanced with the hours in the Time Worked Grid. 102537
When reviewing a submitted grid timecard for Timecard Approval, the Job/Phase Combined field did not populate information in the review page. 102740
When portal setting Show Timecard Review Screen Prior to Submission / Approval (Admin > Portal Settings > Timecard > Manager Approval) was enabled, and a user attempts to submit their timecard, an error message displayed. 102535
Errror occurred when entering time on Grid Timecards after upgrading to portal version 21.3. (R21.3+) 102721
Error message generated when saving timecards in the portal following an upgrade to Vista 2021 R1.