Issues Fixed in HR Management for Vista 2022 R2

The following issues were fixed in the HR Management for Vista R2 release.

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Issues Fixed Issue #
Users with accounts linked to only one VA User Profile or not linked to any VA User Profiles were incorrectly receiving the following error message when logging in to the portal: Windows log in failed for domain this user is associated with more than one VA user profile. 106651
Note: Resolved in an update after release 21.12+.
Users were unable to log in using single sign-on or Windows Authentication when the portal setting PR Company and PR Groups to be included in the Portal (semi-colon separated) did not include a PR Group.

Setting location: Admin > Portal Settings > Administration / Initial Setup > General Configuration.
Note: Resolved in an update after release 21.12+.
Resolved login issues for legacy customers following the update to version 21.12. 106605
Note: Resolved in an update after release 21.12+.
Attempting to Bulk Link Viewpoint IDs from the User Access page resulted in a Save Failed error message, with no entries shown in the Error Log. 106752
Note: Resolved in an update after release 21.12+.
Users assigned as Security Admins did not have access to the Mail Log. 106893
Resolved login issues for Employee 17. 106787


Issues Fixed Issue #
In Benefit Assignments, age groups displayed in five-year increments instead of four-year increments after they were added to or excluded from a benefits group. 106083
In Benefit Assignments, the Group Value drop-down did not update after selecting Employee Age (years) as the Group Type. 106794
Removed 500-character limit from the portal setting Dependent Benefit Codes - Enabled. Previously, this character limit prevented all applicable benefit codes from showing for an employee during Audit Benefit Codes.

Setting location: Admin > Portal Settings > Benefits > Benefit Code Configuration.
Supplemental benefits were not calculating in the subtotals section during benefit selection. 106624
When electing benefits by proxy from the Benefit Dashboard, the Benefits Admin would see attachments assigned to their own benefit groups instead of attachments assigned to the proxied employee's benefit groups.

Document Library

Issues Fixed Issue #
Signed documents that were sent to Vista were missing either the signature (if sent by the signer) or the signature and a copy of the PDF (if sent by the Bulletin Admin). 106869 and 106631


Issues Fixed Issue #
W-2 corrections:
  • The 2020 W-2 instructions were showing instead of the 2021 instructions on the PDF version of W-2 forms and when users selected the W-2 Employee Instructions button in My Earnings History.
  • Box 18 was not showing on 2021 W-2 forms generated in the portal.
  • Entries made on the State Box 14 Information tab in Vista were not showing on W-2 forms generated in the portal.
106933, 106954, 106978,
Note: Resolved in an update after release 21.12+.
When running the Compensation Summary, users associated with multiple PR companies had to log in to each separate PR company in order access their full compensation history.
Note: The Compensation Summary now includes compensation history across all PR companies for a user if you have enabled the portal setting Show Earnings from across companies based on logged in user's SSN (regardless of Employee #). Also, please note that only active users can see active PR employee earnings.

Setting location: Admin > Portal Settings > Earnings > General Configuration
In My Earnings History, the W-2 Employee Instructions button did not display if the W-2 Forms check box was selected by default via the portal setting portal setting: Default selection for Earnings Document Types).

Setting location: Admin > Portal Settings > Earnings > General Configuration.
An error occurred when downloading timecards submitted on different days, but during the same pay period. 107140


Issues Fixed Issue #
When entering a credit card expense with a PO line type, the Unit Cost defaulted to E in Vista AP Transaction Entry even when the UM was Lump Sum. Vista generated the following error when attempting to process the batch: Seq#: 1 Line: 1 - Units, Unit Cost and ECM not allowed with LS. 106611
Resolved expense page timeout when there was a large list of expenses to load.

Onboarding / Applicant Tracking

Issues Fixed Issue #
The PDF version of W-4s completed after January 1, 2022, showed the year 2021 on the form. Also fixed text alignment issues on the form. 106738
Note: Resolved in an update after release 21.12+.
On the Onboarding Dashboard, custom tasks were excluded from the total task count shown in the Tasks Completed column. 106655
Note: Resolved in an update after release 21.12+.
Onboarding tasks were showing instead of job category tasks for applicants who applied to a position on an external job site using a PIN. 106644
In Onboarding, Admin-only tasks showed as complete on employee profiles even if an Admin had not completed them. In addition, incomplete Admin tasks were highlighted in white instead of blue prior to completion and remained highlighted in white instead of changing to green after an Admin completed them. 106732
Improved performance for users loading a large number of records in the Onboarding Dashboard. 106691 and 106097
The number 99 no longer shows in the Regular Exempt's field on the Filing Status tab in Vista HR Resources after initializing a new hire with withholding exemptions. 106090
Images taken on a mobile device could not be added as attachments during onboarding if the photos were 25 MB or greater. This file size limitation has been removed. 106964

Performance Reviews

Issues Fixed Issue #
If self-reviews were enabled, the portal was not sending managers the email notification telling them when an employee had finished the self-evaluation portion of the review. 106847
In Employees > Performance, the Back to Performance Admin button was incorrectly displaying for all employees, regardless of user permissions. 106884

Personal Information

Issues Fixed Issue #
For user-defined fields that required attachments and used a date format, attachments were not retained in Personal Info Approval if the user made and verified changes to those fields through a benefit enrollment window. 106584
An infinite spinner resulted when users attempted to upload two pictures from a mobile device that were taken with the camera on that same device. Approvers could see the file name for the attachment in Personal Info Approval, but could not open the file. 105328


Issues Fixed Issue #
Exporting more than 100 submtted timecards failed. 94772
Exporting the Submitted Timecard batch action failed. 96627
When loading large amounts of data, an Execution Timeout Error occurred when accessing the Timecard Approval or Timecard Dashboard page. 106591
Reviewer Group names longer than ten characters in portal setting Reviewer Groups to exclude from Timecard Approval caused the portal to lockout all users. Setting location: Admin > Portal Settings > Show Advanced Settings > Timecard > Advanced Configuration. 106851
The Phase field was grayed out when switching from a Mechanic timecard line to a Job or All timecard line in Grid Timecard. 106698
The Standard Timecard with Equipment field hidden did not write hours to the Usage field in PR Timecard Entry. 106866
Daily timecard approval notifications were not sent to timecard approvers when approves were configured only in the Timesheet Reviewer group, and not Timecard Approval Permissions. 106977