About the Upgrade to Trimble ID

All Viewpoint ID (SSO) account users in North America must upgrade to Trimble ID in order to continue logging in to Viewpoint applications.

The requirement to upgrade to a Trimble ID currently applies only to users which:
  • are based in North America, and
  • currently log in to Viewpoint application(s) using the Trimble Construction One login screen.
This upgrade prepares the way for user access to future integrations and new features.
Note: If your Viewpoint IDs are not already federated with Microsoft Azure AD, skip down to If you are NOT using Azure AD (you may ignore this first section).

If you are currently federated to Azure AD
  • Until you federate to Trimble ID, your Trimble Construction One user logins remain unchanged and your current federation still works.
  • Viewpoint recommends federating with Trimble to continue receiving the benefits of Azure AD. In addition, you'll enjoy the benefits of single sign-on for all Trimble products.
  • If you opt not to federate, we will provision Trimble accounts to your users as described above. Please contact Customer Support with your decision.
See this video for an overview:

If your Azure domains are currently federated with Viewpoint ID, please take these actions:

  1. Alert your users that since your organization logs in with Azure AD, they won't have to take any action until you let them know of the Trimble ID federation date.
  2. Contact Customer Support and tell us which domain(s) need to be federated with Trimble.
    Viewpoint will send a response indicating the date your federation with Trimble will be complete.
  3. In the Azure App Gallery, locate the Trimble Identity application and add it to your Azure tenant.
    The federation to Trimble ID takes effect on the date given to you by Support, provided that you have installed the Trimble Identity app to your Azure tenant.
  4. Alert your users that on the given date, their first login attempt will automatically place them on the upgrade path.
The federation to Trimble ID adds an additional step to the Azure AD user login process.
  • After entering their email address into the current Trimble Construction One login screen, each user is directed to a Trimble login screen, where their email address appears by default.
  • The user must select Next to continue with their usual Azure login process.
Send an internal communication using this sample language (Reminder: this applies only to North America organizations, and only if your organization has completed the Azure AD federation.)

Recently, those of us who log in using the Trimble Construction One login screen have seen a number of alerts, each with links to information about the upgrade to Trimble logins. The upgrade prepares the way for future access to the broader Trimble technology offering.

If you don’t currently log in with the screen shown here, you can disregard this message.

This upgrade is underway now and is required for you to regain access to your Viewpoint applications.

Be sure you have access to your email during your next login attempt because the upgrade process:
  • starts automatically when you attempt to log in, and
  • can be completed only by retrieving and using the unique validation code contained in an automated email.

This Viewpoint online Help page includes short videos and explanation: About Upgrading your Viewpoint ID to Trimble.

Note to Admins: The steps to upgrade are also in the online Help. Use this URL to share the how-to page within the organization:
  • https://help.viewpoint.com/?resource_id=TC1_000005&version=Team_Team

If you are NOT using Azure AD

What you should know

  • On the day of the upgrade, the upgrade process starts automatically as each user logs in.
  • After a user upgrades, all subsequent logins are redirected to Trimble for authentication, and the user has the same access to the same applications.
  • If your organization currently requires multi-factor authentication (MFA), your users must complete the MFA setup for their Trimble account before they can access their software.

Viewpoint recommends these actions

  • Immediately
    • At your discretion, alert your users with an internal communication. See the sample language email above.
    • Allow incoming emails from the trimble.com domain. The upgrade process sends validation codes to end-user email addresses from this domain.
    • Refer to the Trimble Account Upgrade FAQ.
    • Watch this video, in which Trimble Viewpoint Sr. Product Manager Mark Schwartz describes the process.

      If your organization uses multifactor authentication (MFA), watch this video too.

  • After the upgrade
    • If you have existing user records which still need to be migrated to Viewpoint ID, migrate them in the same way.
    • To create new user records, use the same process(es) as before the upgrade.
    • New users receive invitations to create a Trimble account from the start, so no migration to or upgrade from Viewpoint ID is necessary.