About Spectrum Integration

Spectrum-to-Viewpoint Team™ integration allows you to manage Spectrum projects using Team.

Once you have installed or integrated Team with Spectrum, your Spectrum data will be available in Team.

Note: Adding a project in Team also adds it to your Spectrum system. However, other data types do not currently write back to Spectrum.
Note how your Spectrum data is migrated to Team:
  • Spectrum company cost centers become business units in Team. For details on how Team displays Spectrum company cost centers, see Business Units or View Companies.
  • Spectrum jobs become projects in Team. For details on projects, see Projects. For details on importing a project from Spectrum, see Import a Project from your ERP.
  • Spectrum operators become users in Team. For details on adding users from Spectrum, see Add Users from your ERP.
  • Spectrum contacts remain contacts in Team. For details on working with contacts, see Contacts.

Project Types, Doc Types, and Status Codes do not have corresponding data types in Spectrum. For details on using those options, see Project Types, Document Types, or Status Codes.