View the Forward Log

The Forward Log shows a record of failed data transfers from Viewpoint Team™ to Vista™ by going to Admin Center > Vista Settings > Forward Log. This information is helpful if you suspect that a data transfer may not have been successful.

Note: The Forward Log includes failed transfer attempts only. Successful data transfers are not listed.
  1. Select your name in the upper right corner and select Admin Center.
    Note: If you don't see Admin Center, you have not been set up as an administrator. Contact your System Administrator for assistance.

    If you have more than one enterprise, select it from the Admin Center list.

    The selected Enterprise Info tab appears.
  2. Click the Vista Settings tab, and then select Forward Log.
    The Vista Forward Log appears, and displays failed data transfers from Viewpoint Team™ to Vista.
    The log includes the following information:
    • Description: a brief description of the transfer activity.
    • Type: Submittal, RFI, or Issue.
    • Date: date of the transfer activity.
    • Team ID: the Team ID associated with the business unit.
    • Status: the status of the transfer (for example, Errored or Blocked).
  3. Select any of the headers to sort data-transfer information in your preferred order.
  4. Click to locate particular data-transfer attempts by date.
    The Detail window appears.
  5. Select a date range for the data transfer.
  6. Click Apply.
Data transfers matching search criteria appear.

For a list describing the mapping between user-defined (UD) fields in Viewpoint Team™ and Vista™, see About Vista User-Defined Fields.

If a data transfer is failing, you can try the following:
  • Verify that Team is connected to your ERP. For example, if you can search for contacts in your ERP from the Contacts page in your Team project then you have connectivity.
  • Once you have verified connectivity, click Retry to retry the transfer.
Additional troubleshooting information can be found in the "Troubleshooting Items in the Vista Forward Log That Show Errored or Entity Blacklisted Status" article on the Viewpoint Knowledge Base.