View Companies

You can view the companies that were imported from your ERP system (Vista , Spectrum, or Jobpac) by going to Admin Center > Enterprise Settings > Companies.

  1. Select your name in the upper right corner and select Admin Center.
    Note: If you don't see Admin Center, you have not been set up as an administrator. Contact your System Administrator for assistance.

    If you have more than one enterprise, select it from the Admin Center list.

    The selected Enterprise Info tab appears.
  2. Click the Enterprise Settings tab and select Companies.
The company codes and descriptions are listed.

For Spectrum users

When Team is integrated with Spectrum, Spectrum companies and their cost centers are listed on the Enterprise Settings > Companies page. In the Description column, companies are displayed in the following form:

<Spectrum Company Code>|<Cost Center Code>:<Cost Center Description>

If the Spectrum companies without cost centers are displayed in the following format:

<Spectrum Company Code>:<Company Name>

Note: Spectrum companies marked as “Sample company” in the Spectrum company installation are not available for integration with Team.