Field, Button, and State Labels

Labels are the names used to identify fields, buttons, and states for submittals in Viewpoint Team™. Some labels can be changed to match how people in your business talk about the submittal workflow.

An administrator can change certain default labels to customize Viewpoint Team™. Labels are customized for the entire enterprise.

A field label identifies a box in Viewpoint Team™ where you can enter information. The field label also indicates what type of information you should enter. For example, the Submitter field should contain the person who will complete the submittal.

An action label identifies a button in Viewpoint Team™ and the corresponding option in the Actions drop-down on the list of submittals. The action label also describes what happens to the submittal when you click the button or select the option. For example, when you click the Submit button, you are sending the completed submittal for review and approval.

A state label identifies the current progress of a submittal through the submittal process. The state label appears on the list of submittals and on individual submittals. For example, a submittal that has been sent to a submitter for completion has a state of Issued.

Tip: We recommend that you match corresponding labels. For example, if you change the Approver field to Architect, then you should also change the button name from Approve to Approve by Architect, and the field name from Due to Approver to Due to Architect.