Vista PM Forms

When Vista PM is enabled, you can open Vista forms for that project from Team. This feature is only available when Team is integrated with Vista.

The Enterprise Admin can enable or disable the Vista PM menu for all projects in an enterprise, as well as display or hide specific forms within the menu.

Note the following prerequisites for opening Vista PM forms from your project page in Team:
  • Your Team enterprise must be linked to Vista.
  • The Vista client must be installed on the same system that is running Team. In addition, you must be logged in with your Vista account.
    Note: Accessing Vista PM forms will take up a Vista user license and Vista user permissions will apply.
  • This feature is disabled by default. The Enterprise Admin must first enable the ability to access Vista PM forms. For details see Enable and Configure Vista PM Forms.
  • Once the feature is enabled, only a Project Editor can access the Vista PM forms menu for a project.
Important: The Vista PM forms feature is available if you use the Vista Remote Link (VRL) Cloud deployment option. But it is NOT supported for Viewpoint Enterprise Cloud (VEC) users at this time.