About the Team and Jobpac Integration Process

Complete the integration wizard to map your Business Units, Doc Types, Status Codes, and Projects in Team to those in Jobpac™.

At any point in the integration wizard, you can save your changes, exit the wizard, and then return to it later. To save your changes, select Save Progress. When you have finished mapping an item, select Accept & Continue.

Important: After selecting Accept & Continue, do not work in Jobpac or Team until the integration process is finished. Doing so could result in the two products not being fully integrated.

Business Units

In the Jobpac Companies column, select a Jobpac work ID to map to the corresponding business unit in Team. When mapped, the Jobpac name will override the Team name.

AnyJobpac work IDs not mapped to a Team business unit will be added to Team.


To ensure that the appropriate Jobpac security settings are applied to users in both Team and Jobpac, the integration wizard maps each Team user to a corresponding Jobpac user. The wizard maps users as follows:
  • If a Team user and a Jobpac user share the same email address, the wizard automatically maps the two users to each other, and displays the respective user name in the Team Users and Jobpac Users column.
  • If a Team user shares the same email address with multiple Jobpac users, the wizard displays a drop-down menu in the JobPac Users column from which you can select the correct JobPac user to map to that Team user.
  • If a Team user does not match a Jobpacuser (as in, there is no Jobpac user with the same email address), add the user in Jobpac and then refresh the page in Team.
Note: After integration is complete, for any users who were mapped, on the User Management page in the Team Admin Center, the "User Type" will indicate "Internal (ERP) User."


For each project in the Team Projects column, do one of the following:
  • Map to an existing Jobpac job by typing the job number of the corresponding Jobpac job in the Jobpac Jobs column. When mapped, the Jobpac job number will override the Team project ID for each project.
  • Projects can not be automatically created in Jobpac.

Once you select Accept & Continue, the integration wizard validates your selections and, if an item was recently added to Team, provides an opportunity to include the new item in the integration.

Once the integration is complete, a record of the integration will be available on the Integration tab in the Admin Center.