Configure your Enterprise: for Vista Integration

Configure your enterprise to get up and running with Viewpoint Team™.

Before you can configure your enterprise, you must have the following:
  • Received an email notification with the link to confirm your email and configure your account.
  • Have a Vista account with administrative permissions.
  • Completed the Viewpoint Team™ installation.
Once you have been set up by Viewpoint with a new Viewpoint Team™ enterprise, you will receive an email notification with a link to confirm your email and configure your account. Once your account has been set up you will be stepped through the process for registering your Vista™ instance with the web solution. When that has successfully completed, you can start inviting your users from the Admin Center.
  1. From the email notification, click the Confirm Email and Configure Account link.
    The Viewpoint TeamConfigure New Enterprise page opens in an internet browser window.
  2. Create an admin account by entering information into the following fields:
    • First Name
    • Last Name
    • Create a Password
  3. Click Create Account.
    The Configure New Enterprise screen appears.
    Important: Note that the Vista-Team Connector Status field currently shows your enterprise as Unregistered. You will return to this screen later in the process, once you have registered your endpoint—and your enterprise's status will be changed to "Registered"—so keep this screen open.
  4. Copy the entire code in the Your Registration Key field.
    You need to enter this registration key in step 7.
    Tip: To copy the registration key, click in the field, press Ctrl +A to select the entire key, then right-click and select Copy.
  5. To register your end point, open a new internet browser window and enter your unique URL: https://[local_Vista-Team_Connector_server]/Registration/RegisterServer.
    The Endpoint Registration Introduction page appears.
  6. Click Start.
    The Endpoint Registration Vista Online Key page appears.
  7. Paste the registration key that you copied in step 4 into the Vista Online Registration Key field.
  8. Click Continue.
    The Endpoint Registration Vista Authentication page appears.
  9. Enter your own Vista account credentials in the UserName and Password fields.
    Note: Your Vista account must have administration permissions to make full use of Viewpoint Team™ administrative controls. If you do not have administrative access, contact your system administrator.
  10. Click Sign In.
    The Registration Endpoint page appears.
  11. Confirm that the values in the Vista-Team Connector Endpoint URL and Viewpoint Team Enterprise fields are correct.
  12. Click Register.
    The Registration Complete page appears, notifying you that you have successfully registered your Vista endpoint.
  13. Return to the Configure New Enterprise page you left open in step 3, and click Check Status.
    Note: If you closed the Configure New Enterprise page, your endpoint has successfully been registered, and you can proceed to Viewpoint Team™, and log in.
    The Vista-Team Connector Status field shows that your enterprise is Registered.
  14. Click Continue.
    The Registration Complete page appears.