Configure Datatype Security in Vista

If you are using Datatype Security in Vista, you need to configure security to ensure successful integration between Viewpoint Team™ and Vista.

In Viewpoint Team™ when you perform an action that writes data back to Vista, it uses the "vcsWebShared" SQL user to connect to Vista. If you have data security enabled in Vista, you need to make the "vcsWebShared" user a member of the default security groups used for the datatype security.
  1. In Vista, launch the Viewpoint Administration module.
  2. In VA User Profile, create a SQL Server user called "vcsWebShared".
    The Vista-Team Connector installation creates this account.
    Attention: This user must be a SQL Server user. Windows Active Directory users are not supported for this use case.
  3. In VA Security Groups, add the "vcsWebShared" user to the associated Default Security Group for each datatype that is secured.
    Depending on your configuration, datatypes may or may not be secured. Ensure that the "vcsWebShared" user has access to the bHQCo, bJob, and bContract datatypes.
    Tip: To see which associated security groups represent the default datatype groups, open VA Data Security Setup and click on the Grid tab. You can view this information while you are working in VA Security Groups.