Daily Log Fields

Find descriptions for possible Daily Log fields. Note that the fields will vary based on the project settings.

For each section, you can add an attachment by clicking the attachment icon.

Enter a title for your Daily Log.
Work Summary
Enter a summary of the work performed for the day.


Weather Observations
Enter weather-related observations.
  • Weather Delay: Check if a weather-related delay occurred this day.
Note: Team displays the weather for the capture times configured in the project settings. However, the actual capture time may differ slightly from the displayed time. Weather information is also dependent on information from nearby weather stations.


Work Log
Enter details about who performed the work, how many people, and for how long. Click the icon on the left side to choose between organization or contact .
  • For an organization, begin typing to show a list of available organizations to select. The list is populated by organizations that have been added to a Daily Log or associated with contacts in your project.

    Project editors can add a new organization by adding or editing a project contact and entering the new organization in the Organization field for that contact.

    For a contact, click in the field to open a search dialog box. From there you can search for Team Contacts, PM Firm Contacts, or click New Contact to add a new one.

  • Description: (Optional) Enter a description of the work performed.
  • Quantity: Enter the number of people who performed work.
  • Hours: Enter the number of hours worked.
  • Qty-Hours: Displays the total number of work hours for this log entry. Team calculates this value by multiplying the Quantity times the Hours.


Enter details regarding any accidents that occurred.
Enter details regarding any deliveries that were made.
Enter details regarding any visitors to the job site.


Equipment Log
  • Find or Add New Equipment: Use the drop-down arrow to select equipment related to your enterprise. To add a new piece of equipment, type the equipment name and then click New Equipment.
  • Description: (Optional) Enter a description of the equipment used.
  • Quantity: Type or use the up/down arrows to enter a quantity for the selected equipment.
  • Hours: Type or use the up/down arrows to enter the number of hours the equipment was used.


Notes, Issues, Concerns
Enter details on anything that may be of concern or relevant to the project but may not fit in another existing category.
Safety Observations
Enter any safety-related concerns or observations.
Quality Observations
This field may be used to record observations or concerns around quality of work or materials.


Call Log
Enter details for calls that were made.
  • Name: Person who was called.
  • Description: (Optional) Purpose of the call.
  • Time: Time the call was placed.
  • Duration: Duration of the call.