About the Daily Logs Calendar View

From the Daily Logs calendar, you can click a day to display a list of the logs for that day in the Logs section on the right-hand side of the page. From there, you can click an individual log to view or edit log details depending on your permissions.

Note: Collaborators can view, edit, or submit logs assigned to themselves but cannot see or access logs assigned to other team members.

The calendar view provides a summary of log details as follows:

  • Logs completed / logs assigned
  • Total number of people who worked / total hours worked
  • Number of accidents logged
  • Number of weather delays logged
In addition, the border color for a calendar day will be blue if all assigned logs are completed, and red if one or more assigned logs for that day are not completed.
The following example shows a calendar day with Daily Log summary information.

In this example:

  • The red border indicates that not all assigned logs for the day were completed.
  • "1 / 3 Complete" indicates that three logs were assigned but only one was completed.
  • "8" next to the worker icon and "64 Hours" indicates that eight people worked a total of 64 hours that day.
  • "1" next to the warning icon indicates that there was one accident reported in the log for that day.
  • The grayed out "0" and weather icon indicate that there were no weather delays reported in the log for that day.