The Drawings tool allows you to manage your project drawings, provide project team members with the latest revisions, and mark up drawings as needed.

In Team, drawings are organized according to discipline. Team provides a set of default disciplines but allows you to add, remove, or change disciplines as needed. Note that each discipline has a one or two character "Key," which must be used as a prefix in the file names for drawings that apply to that discipline. The key allows Team to automatically organize your drawing with the appropriate discipline when the drawing is uploaded. For information on required file name syntax and how to upload drawings, see Upload a Drawing. For information on how to access and manage project disciplines and keys, see Project Settings for Drawings.

Note that if your PDF drawings contain links to specific areas in other drawing sheets, those links are preserved after the linked sheets are uploaded to your project.

Note: The Drawings tool is deactivated by default. Enterprise Admins can activate Drawings from the Admin Center on the Tools > Settings page. For details, see Activate or Deactivate Tools for the Enterprise. Once the Drawings tool is activated for an enterprise, Enterprise Admins or Project Admins can choose to exclude it from certain projects if needed. For details, see Activate or Deactivate Tools for a Project.