Create a Form

Users with the Create Form permission enabled can create a form based on a created form template.

Before you can create a form based on a form template, be sure you or your Administrator have performed the following actions to ensure successful form creation:
  • Enabled the Project Forms check box in the Project Forms column of the Projects List page by going to Projects > Manage All Projects.
  • Created a form template on which to base your form. (For details on creating a form template, see Create a Form Template.)
  • Set your template level permissions. (For details, see Set Form Template Permissions).

  1. On the selected project's dashboard page, go to the Forms tab.
    The Forms page displays.
  2. Select the New Form () button.
    The New Form page displays.
  3. From the Category drop-down list, select a form template category.
  4. From the Template drop-down list, select a template on which to base your form.
  5. Select Create.
    The form page displays.
  6. Fill in the relevant details.
    Tip: The Details field allows you to provide additional information to differentiate forms created from the same forms template. (For example: locations on the job site, or assignment details.)
  7. (Optional) Go to Assigned To and select a contact or distribution group to assign this form.
    Note: The contact(s) must have View and Edit permissions to be assigned.
  8. Once you're finished, select Save or Save and Print.
Depending on the permissions set by your Enterprise admin, users can perform the following:
  • Change a form's status from the Status drop-down list.
  • Edit a form by selecting the form ID, editing details, and then selecting Save.
  • Email or Delete a form by selecting the form, clicking the actions button , and then selecting Email or Delete.