Create a Form Template

Enterprise admins and project admins can create a form template on which project forms can be based.

Templates exist at the enterprise level and can be used to create forms at the project level.
  1. On the project dashboard page, go to Manage All Projects.
    The Projects list page appears, showing every project that's been enabled for your enterprise.
  2. Select the settings icon , and then select Project Administration.
    The Form Templates page displays.
  3. You must have at least one category created before you can create a form template. To create a category perform the following:
    1. On the Custom Forms tab, select Create Category.
    2. Enter a name for the new category (for example, Safety), and then select Save.
  4. On the Custom Forms tab of the Form Templates page, select Create Template.
    The Template Builder page appears.
  5. In the Name field, enter a name for the template.
  6. From the Category drop-down list, select a template category.
  7. (Optional) Select Set Forms Permissions to set template permissions by project roles.
    For more information on Forms Permissions, see Set Form Template Permissions.
  8. (Optional) Toggle Use Logo to add a company logo to your form.
    Note: This logo is set from your project settings.
  9. (Optional) Set your form template as active or inactive, by toggling the Active button.
  10. To create your template, you can add the following Template Builder page options:
    1. Add New Section - Use sections to group question types within your form and use the edit the option to name each section.
    2. Add Question Type - Drag-and-drop a question type (for example: Check box, Date, Multiple Choice) to a section. For more detailed instructions, see Form Template Fields
    • When adding a question to a form, under More Options there is a place for Help Text which allows you to provide instructions that display in every form created from this template.
    • Additionally, when filtering forms to a single template on the Forms page for a project, the Grid Header is used as the column header, and will display all question answers for all forms created from the selected template. We suggest creating brief grid headers to make this display easier to view.
    • If you are adding Dropdown, Multiple Choice or Single Selectquestions to your form template, be sure that you have added lookup details via the Lookups tab.
  11. Select Save.
Once you have created a template, it can be accessed via the Forms tab within a project.
Once you have created a template, it can be used to create forms within projects by accessing the Forms tab with a project.