Sort the List of Work Items

You can sort the list of work items to control the order in which the work items are displayed and to make it easier to find specific work items.

By default, the list of work items are sorted by the Number column. When you sort columns, your work item list view is affected for all projects. Other users cannot see your changes.
  1. From the home page, under Projects, select the name of the project you want to open.
    Alternatively, go to the main menu in the upper left-hand corner, select Projects, and then select the name of the project you want to open.
    The Dashboard for the project appears.
  2. Click the tab of the work item type you want to work with (submittal, RFI, issue).
  3. Click on a column header to sort that column.
    The column is sorted in ascending order. The column name appears bold and an arrow appears next to it, indicating the sort order .
  4. If needed, click on the column header again to change the sort to descending order.
    The arrow indicates the sort order .