Forward an RFI

You can forward an RFI to send it to someone else. If the RFI has not been answered, that person could answer it.

You can only forward an RFI if it has already been sent, but not closed.
  1. From the Assigned to Me section of the home page, click on the RFI assigned to you.
    The RFI page appears.
  2. Do one of the following:
    • If the RFI has not yet been answered, click the Forward button.
    • If the RFI has been answered, click the Other Actions button and select Forward.
    The Forward window appears.
  3. (Required) In the To field, enter the person to forward the RFI to.
    Note: To filter the list of contacts:
    • Enter the first few letters of the contact's name.
    • Click Team Contacts to filter the list to contacts in your enterprise.
    • Click PM Firm/Spectrum Contacts to filter the list to just contacts from your ERP system.

    To add a Team user (someone who has a Team user account), enter the full email address associated with that user. Note this is not required if your enterprise is configured to limit contacts to Vista PM firms.

    To add a new contact, click New Contact.
  4. In the CC field, enter any additional contacts you want to receive a copy of the RFI.
  5. In the Comment field, enter any notes or comments about why you are forwarding the RFI.
  6. The Notify Recipients check box is selected by default. If you do not wish to send email notifications to all the indicated recipients, you can clear this check box.
  7. Click the Send button.
The RFI is sent to the specified person.