Submittal Process

Once a submittal is created, you can route it through the submittal process to have it completed and approved.

Viewpoint Team™ uses the following steps in the submittal process.
  1. Issue

    Usually, the party responsible for the project, such as the general contractor, creates a submittal and issues it.

  2. Submit

    The submitter is usually the supplier or subcontractor who will provide the materials or perform the work specified in the submittal. Once the submitter has completed the information, they submit the submittal for review.

  3. Review

    The reviewer looks over the information submitted and verifies that it is complete before sending the submittal for approval.

  4. Approve

    The approver reviews the submittal information and approves it for the project or rejects it. If the approver rejects the submittal, a new draft is created and it is assigned to the issuer. If the approver rejects the submittal, a new draft is created and it is assigned to the issuer. If the approver approves the submittal, the submittal is routed back to the issuer for final release.

  5. Release

    When the issuer releases the submittal, the submittal is closed and the submitter can perform the work for the submittal.

A project contact and due date are assigned to each step in the process. When the submittal is moved to the next step in the process, the contact assigned receives an email alerting them that they need to take action on the submittal.
Note: When a distribution group is assigned to a work item, any member of that group can take action on the work item to change the ball-in-court for that work item.
Note: The names of the fields, actions, and states for submittals may be different in your instance of Viewpoint Team™, because they can be customized by the system administrator. For example, your organization might use "Grant" instead of "Issue". In this case, you would click the Grant button to send the submittal to the submitter and the state would change from Draft to Granted.

When you open a submittal in Viewpoint Team™, you can see the current status of the submittal process, who is assigned to each step, and the due dates associated with each step. You can use this ball-in-court view to quickly assess the submittal process.